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Industrial Furniture - Modern, Rustic & Vintage Style Furniture


Industrial Furniture designs from Barak 7 are all made with practicality and style in mind. From modern tables to our famous embossed leather chairs, the furniture we offer will add a stylish industrial touch to restaurants, hotels or an edge to private lofts and flats.

At Barak 7, we pride ourselves in the high quality materials we use, only selecting the best woods, leathers and metals, which makes all of our products unique due to the an individual selection of all of our materials.

This also enables us to ensure the durability of all of our furniture, as well as an evolving industrial and rustic character developed with natural tear and wear, which with years, will give a modern vintage look to your interior and a sophisticated factory style.

The Barak 7 Luxurious Collection, features high-end modern furniture with an industrial twist, and has proven immensely popular for Hotel bars furnishing. Combining aluminium and Italian leather or Italian cowhide, our Cowhide and Leather Aviator Chairs are true masterpieces in themselves, subliming any interior and ideally compliments any style of furniture with an elegant rustic touch.



Following months of preparation and countless prototypes, the doors to the BARAK'7 UK shop are finally open. If you are looking for Industrial furniture that is as individual as you are, you have come to the right place. Each piece has been conceived, designed and built with both practicality and style in mind, and by cutting out intermediaries, we can offer you the highest quality designer furniture at an affordable price. Many thanks to all the visionaries of BARAK'7

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New Industrial Furniture Collections

Marrying reclaimed metals leathers and woods, to original modern designs and pastel, our new collection models are truly unique and characteristic of industrial factories.

We believe unexpected combinations of materials and styles brings individuality and originality, enabling you to create and shape your interior in an unprecedented fashion. 


Designed in France, we deliver our furniture and decorative products to London, Birmingham and across the UK, bringing a French touch to establishments and homes around the country.

For more information about deliveries, stocks, or to further discuss your requirements, you can get in touch with us or call us on  0044 20 3514 0292.


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