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Industrial Furniture Blog - Tutorials, DIY & News by BARAK 7

  1. Industrial Decor Trends of 2016

    - 2016-02-02 3:58 PM - No comments

    Industrial furniture and decor as an interior design trend has been growing over the last years, and is predicted to become even more affluent in 2016. This is why we have reviewed opinions and predictions of designers, to provide you with the top 10 interior design trends and styles for bars, restaurants and homes in 2016.
  2. Trendy industrial bars & restaurants in London

    - 2015-11-30 11:00 AM - No comments

    At Barak ‘7, we don’t just design and manufacture vintage and industrial furniture, we live for it! We love to hear about new restaurants or trendy bars with vintage and industrial decor opening across London, always giving us new ideas and inspiring us to design new original pieces of industrial furniture.
  3. Blog - Industrial Tutorial n°2: How to make a pallet siding

    Bardage en palettes

    - 2015-08-27 3:32 PM - No comments

    The wooden pallet is worn, nailed, faded, faded, reteint, colorful. His plates are of different widths. In short, enough to organize a big giant Tetris to make an explosive patchwork.

  4. Blog - Industrial Tutorial n°1: Painting a glass bottle

    Label bottle

    - 2014-09-11 9:05 AM - No comments

    In this tutorial, we'll teach you to paint a glass bottle that will become a lovely decorative item for industrial or vintage interiors!