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Blog - Industrial Tutorial n°2: How to make a pallet siding

- 2015-08-27 3:32 PM
Bardage en palettes

The industrial recycled!

At Barak'7, we love the game of contents! Nothing like different textures to break the uniformity of the walls in a room and give it a touch of warmth and originality.

Many tracks are possible ... The wallpapers, the polished concrete, paints and textured coatings but also wood.

For decades, the wood siding is popular. Declined in many forms (species of wood, board width, painted or plain), this wall covering warms the atmosphere by its noble material.

Fashion, styles, moods evolve as and when time and a great tendency to lead us back to raw materials such as metal, concrete and wood course.

It revisits the wood siding ... with pallets!

The wooden pallet is worn, nailed, faded, faded, reteint, colorful. His plates are of different widths. In short, enough to organize a big giant Tetris to make an explosive patchwork.

We do agree, it is anything but compliance!

At Barak'7 we recommend the variant cover 2/3 of the entire wall and leave space to the floor and ceiling. This emphasizes the perspective in the volumes because the cladding gives the effect of a large wall chart. We also advise you to paint the visible parts of the wall in a tone coordinated the selection of the color of the wood to ensure harmony.

Here we chose the Aqua trend in a variation of blue and raw wood.

Luckily, we found blue pallets used immediately, in a pallet trader. But you can also keep the idea that the wood pallet may well be colored in shades ranging from light or dark in shades of your choice.

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