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Industrial Decor Trends of 2016

- 2016-02-02 3:58 PM

Industrial furniture and decor as an interior design trend has been growing over the last years, and is predicted to become even more affluent in 2016. This is why we have reviewed opinions and predictions of designers, to provide you with the top 10 interior design trends and styles for bars, restaurants and homes in 2016. In this blog article, we look at exposed brick walls, worn leather furniture and more stylish trends you can expect to see this year.


Exposed Brick Walls




This is not so much a new trend, bare brick walls have been seen around restaurants and bars for some years now, but having exposed interiors are more popular now than ever. Ideal for small restaurants and cafes that are chasing that industrial feel for their premises.


Retro Tables




Fans of the hit HBO show, Mad Men, would love to hear that retro side tables and coffee tables are expected to make a big splash in 2016. Like our Scandinavian inspired side table, that quirky, post modern designs are becoming very popular for lobbies and receptions; something that can sit quietly in the corner of the room yet truly grabbing your attention.


Worn Leather




Restaurants and bars, don’t throw out that old leather sofa! Just like wine, it’s improving with age. Having worn, vintage leather furniture is a trend expected to hit this year as designers crave that raw, wintered feel to their designs. Cuts and scratches, before ruined the look of leather, now giving any piece of furniture character and a story.


Tiled Floors




Bright, mismatched tiles are great ways of adding more light and energy to a room, and, in 2016, is predicted to be a very popular choice for small cafes and restaurants. Nothing complicated or vivid like Moroccan tiling but simple, pale natural looking mix and matched tiles in a simple structure to give a glow when light enters into a room.


Modern Garden Furniture




Whether inside or outside, industrial garden furniture are very much in style and are a must. Mismatched garden furniture, ideally metal with unrivalled durability, are ideal for cosy cafes and boutique bistros that are after that ‘mom and pop’ feel to their business.


These were our top interior design trends for bars and restaurants for 2016. Browse our full collection of industrial furniture today, and get your order delivered to your day anywhere in the UK.

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