Urban Jungle "Mowgli" ball stool


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The stool "Mowgly" teak root can be used alone or with his little brothers and table "Monkey". This stool is definitely a must in the "Urban Jungle" style. Solid teak root, raw and natural, size may vary because each piece is truly unique. Its curved seat adds comfort and finesse.

Inside, it will bring the natural material of touches combine with the decorating style Urban jungle and tropical atmosphere or with the industrial style and rawness.

Outside, he found just as easily place on a terrace in vegetation and adopt the beautiful gray characteristic hue quality teak As time.

The Urban Jungle furniture simple elegance.

The dimensions of this stool can range from 3 or 4 cm for all our parts are made in the traditional way.

Matter: solid teak, therefore untreated natural finish

Outside, the "Mowgli" stool will adopt a beautiful graying characteristic of quality teak.

Ref: T-POUF-16022


  • Depth:40 cm
  • Height:40 cm
  • Width:40 cm

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