Cowhide wall bottle holder

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 Product description

The cowhide wall bottle holder is decorative, original and useful.

It is composed of five horizontal notches to store the bottles at room temperature. Each notch makes it possible to store a bottle of wine of classic size and diameter containing 75 cl. A circle has been cut in the center of each notch so that the bottle label can be easily read without removing it.

The cowhide wall bottle holder fits securely to the wall in a kitchen or dining room. The fastening must hold the weight of five full bottles of wine. It is an authentic decorative object made of real cowhide leather. What makes the particularity of this amazing wall bottle holder is the alternation between natural smooth leather and bicolour, brown and white cowhide. This decorative object is part of the original and practical gift ideas that makes its most beautiful effect in a rustic, industrial, "farmer" or mountain home. It changes more conventional metal bottle holders.

NB: The cowhide wall bottle holder is sold without bottles of wine ;-)!

REF: M-DECO-17020


  • Height:75 cm
  • Width:19 cm

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