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In a bright industrial style Barak7 designed a very original chair. This is the copper industrial chair that is actually exact the same model as the vintage school chair that we know for sure, revisited for a unique design. Its timeless look makes it a vintage chair that everyone wants to have at home. The peculiarity of the Barak7 copper industrial chair is that it is a metal chair with a satin copper finish. Except the backrest that is metal openwork painted black also slightly satined. The contrast of the two shades of the chair is very interesting and makes this chair unique. The copper finish is luminous and gives a splash in an industrial interior. It is light, stable and robust at the same time. The copper industrial chair is an easy maintenance chair that can be used as well in a child's room as it is very stable. It will make the happiness of a family around a dining table more or less large. It is a chair with a very comfortable seat and will be ideal for spending long hours at table with friends or family. It is suitable both in a dining room and in a kitchen. Its copper finish, easy maintenance can withstand splashes of kitchen or treatment of children who have dirty hands. A wet rag and spots leave as fast as they have arrived. Another feature of the copper industrial chair is that it can be easily stacked and used as a back-up chair. Being very decorative, it can also find its place in a bedroom, in an office or in an entrance hall. Notice to vintage industrial amateurs. This chair is for you!

Height of the seat: 45cm

Ref .: VI-CHAIR-17034


  • Depth:40 cm
  • Height:85 cm
  • Width:40 cm

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