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London is an innovation hub, continuously setting trends and reinventing itself through its unique decors and creative people. This is probably why Barak 7 works very closely with Londoners as well as expats from all over the world living and or working in London, regularly shipping and delivering our pieces of furniture to complement rustic, modern, and other quirky industrial style of interiors.

We nevertheless also deliver across the UK, always using the best-certified delivery services available, to ensure you receive your item or items in the most pristine conditions and in a timely manner.

Furniture Delivery – Standard Items (30 kg & under)

If you are located in London or any other areas of the UK, then we aim to pack and dispatch all of our lighter items within 15 days via a conventional Express Parcel service. These light packages are sent via a local parcel carrier within your area and will be delivered without appointment from Monday to Friday.

Furniture Delivery – Heavy Duty Items (60 kg & above)

As all of our pieces of industrial furniture are hand crafted and unique, finalising their designs can be a bit timelier than if they were manufactured in factories, yet we aim to ship all of our larger items of furniture to you within 20 day, depending on your location in the UK.

Due to the unique design of all of our heavy furniture that can sometimes make transit more delicate, we arrange for a specialised transportation of all the pieces. These items will be delivered to your door ONE delivery man, who will place the large item in front of your entrance door, free of charge. Please make sure to arrange some extra hands if you order a heavy piece.

NOTE: All items dispatched by Barak 7 require a signature upon reception for security and logistical reasons.

Shipping Rates

If you are looking to get furniture items delivered to you in London or any other UK address, then our shipping costs will typically be the following:

Standard Furniture Items – £10

Heavy Duty Furniture Items – £50

If you are located outside of the UK, then please get in touch with us to discuss delivery and shipping costs.

European Deliveries

At Barak 7 we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our creations, getting their pieces or pieces of furniture delivered to their doors, which is why we will try to arrange delivery all across Europe. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss delivery rates for your chosen destination.

For more information about the countries to which we can deliver, please visit our FAQ page.


Unfortunately we can’t cover the cost of return delivery so you will have to make your own arrangements for a return within 14 days of the delivery if you are not satisfied with your piece of furniture. However, if this were to be the case, please get in touch with us to discuss alternatives, and the reasons behind your decision to return the item so we can make sure this does not happen again.

Please ensure that you check the item carefully upon reception, and notify the courier and delivery team if you feel the item is damaged or simply doesn’t suit your expectations.

If material damage can be noticed straight away, or obvious reasons justify the item being returned, then Mondial Relay, who is our courier service will take the item back immediately, with no additional cost once the purchase receipt has been signed.

If you fail to notice any damage straight away, only realising this at a later date, then please contact us. In order for us to be able to further investigate the cause of the damage to avoid this from happening again, it would be really helpful to our team if you could take a picture of the damaged goods.